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Healing Through Creativity

Perhaps you are struggling with managing the tough stuff in life: family stressors, work stressors, grief, navigating other people's expectations versus how you want to live your life. Things feel overwhelming, and unclear. You want relief and support from someone who is going to see you for who you are. You want a greater ease and resilience in your life. You want to feel more connected in relationships, at work, or in school.


I fell in love with art therapy because I saw it work. Creativity helps us access parts that we can’t access verbally. Art therapy helps you access beyond what you can do on your own, or what talk therapy can touch. Each session is customized to you because you deserve more than a one-size-fits-all program. We will leave technique and expectations at the door, using the creative process to unlock your truth so you can enjoy life to its fullest.

My Roots

I value connection, truth, and caring above all else and I believe that we are capable of becoming our best selves when we are able to heal deeply in creativity. I love working with people who feel stuck: in a feeling, a relationship pattern, or in their professional life. I support them in wholeheartedly embracing their authentic selves so that they are able to go through life with greater confidence and ease. I love getting to dive deep into creative worlds with clients to support their healing and learning about themselves.

Professional Bio

I came to art therapy after searching for a way to integrate creativity and therapy. In 2014, I obtained a Master’s degree in Art Therapy from School of Visual Arts in NYC. My work is also informed by my training in yoga, Reiki, and journal therapy as well as my deep connection with nature.

I work with people who don't just want less stress or anxiety in their lives, they want that AND the ability to truly move through life with a sense of confidence, ease, and a deep knowing for who they really are.

School of Visual Arts                                             Master’s Degree in Art Therapy, 2014

The Yoga Room, Astoria, NY                            200-hr yoga teacher certification, 2013

Therapeutic Writing Institute                         ongoing training in Journal Therapy

New York International Reiki Center         Levels 1 & 2

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